About Canyon Ranch

Dream Wellness Into Being

People have long sought out Canyon Ranch to pursue a dream of wellness. To escape for a while and transform for life. To find personalized guidance and expert answers that lead to true well-being.

Make Your Gift A Personal Promise

It’s not about acquiring things anymore, it is about gaining meaningful time and experiences together or for one’s self. It’s planning for future travel and adventures, for growth and learning, and to expand and advance who we are as people.

Whether for yourself, for someone you care about, or for the world, wellness is the most valuable gift of all. Now, with the Give Canyon Ranch Gift Experience Shop, we’ve created a great way for you to find and share that gift as never before.

Find The Well Way

Canyon Ranch turns lifelong dreams of wellness intro true stories. Our commitment to these four integrative experience principles sets us apart. No one needs 1,000 ways to be well. Just the one that’s right for you.

Integral Answers
Our depth of integrative, holistic services, treatments, and activities means we can find what’s right for your wellness vision, across mind, body, and spirit.
Personal Guidance
The world is complex and stressful; we guide people through it, and through our options, to find the way that is uniquely their own.
Lifetime Impact
The impact of what we do for guests extends beyond our property to keep people on a well way between stays and across a lifetime.
Evidence-Based Progress
Instead of trends, we rely on proven methods, science, and credible sources that hold the most promise for improving lives.

I loved Canyon Ranch from the first time I came in 1982. It’s a gift I give myself that allows me to be free. I can’t think of a happier, healthier place to be.

Anna, Canyon Ranch Guest