Neiman Marcus 2020 Fantasy Gift

A Year of Wellness with Canyon Ranch

The legendary Neiman Marcus fantasy gifts are renowned for being rare, precious, and transformative. This year Canyon Ranch is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to inspire someone's well way of life. A team of integrated wellness experts and physicians will turn your dream of true well-being into reality with a year of personalized guidance and experiences designed just for you and your wellness journey.

A Year of Transformation

Achieve optimal health, transition through life stages with intention, reconnect with joy, and discover a renewed sense of purpose.

Canyon Ranch will help you and a companion design a year-long regimen of wellness including 4-weeklong curated stays at any Canyon Ranch Resort in luxury accommodations, enjoying unlimited services while in-residence, virtual guidance between stays with your wellness team of experts, and private air through Jet Linx for two of the round trips.

With the purchase of the Canyon Ranch experience, $10,000 will be donated to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, supporting Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

What's Included

Full Wellness Assessment

Begin with a 7-night stay at either our Tucson or Lenox wellness resort where your expert team of physicians, behavioral therapists, spiritual guides, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists will establish your wellness baseline, intentions, and provide you with a personalized program and rituals to achieve your goals.

Week-Long Checkups

Celebrate milestones and adjust course during the year with two additional 7-night stays at any of our immersive destinations. Return for a year-end 7-night visit with your wellness team to reflect on results and affirm your new path.

Unlimited Services

Make the most of your four week-long stays with unlimited services and activities from wellness coaching, nutrition, outdoor sports, spa, fitness trainers, integrative medicine, private cooking classes, stress management, and more.

Monthly Virtual Guidance

Between visits, benefit from monthly virtual guidance check-ins from select members of your wellness team to recalibrate, continue growth, and create a lifelong plan for sustained health and wellness.

Delicious Nutrition

All delicious meals and snacks included, specially crafted by chefs and approved by nutritionists that help fuel, restore, and heal your mind, body, and spirit. Develop healthy eating habits while in residence and carry them back home for optimal health and well-being.

Private Airfare

Fly in ultimate comfort and luxury in a private jet, in a Challenger 604 or comparable aircraft, for two of your four stays. All private air transport is provided by Jet Linx through Incircle Concierge and Travel and Transport, Inc.

Make Your Wellness Dream a Reality

There is no greater gift than an entire year to transform and create the kind of well-being many only dream about. Visit to gift A Year of Wellness with Canyon Ranch, and call 1.877.966.4438 for more information.

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<p>Canyon Ranch is paradise on earth. It’s a place to relax and reset. Whatever you want to focus on – your health, a life goal, relationship – this is the place to learn, plan, and dream. Or just rest and relax. You can make your time here anything you want.</p>

Karen, Canyon Ranch Guest

Life Changes Here

The Canyon Ranch Way

People have long sought Canyon Ranch to pursue a dream of wellness. To escape for a while and transform for life. To find personalized guidance and expert answers that lead to true well-being. Here, wellness transforms from something you dream into something you do.